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I am one of the co-founders and creators of Cool Moms Club. I am a wife of 9 years to my husband Jake, and mom of two boys named Slater (6) and Otto (3). I would say my style is definitely more grunge but chic. I typically lean more towards anything black, leather and monochromatic. I’ve always been extremely into fashion and beauty ever since I was a little girl. After high school I decided to go to Cosmetology school to pursue my passion for the beauty industry. That's where I met Chelsea and we instantly clicked with our extremely goofy personalities. After 16 years of friendship and working together as hairdressers, we decided to go into business together. We created our Instagram page called geared towards the reality of motherhood and fashion. We found that being moms and still looking put together wasn't easy so we then launched our clothing line to make it simple on not only us but every mom in general!  I am so passionate about what we have started and what it has become and look forward to continue sharing it with you! 

Xox Ambur

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